Feast! @ The Parade

Opening Hours
Monday – Wednesday 8.00am–6.00pm
Thursday                        8.00am–9.00pm
Friday                              8.00am–6.00pm
Saturday                         8.00am–5.00pm
Sunday                         11.00am–5.00pm

T: 08 8332 2538                                                                                                                                                                                                 W: www.feastfinefoods.com.au

Richard and Liz Gunner started Richard Gunner's Fine Meats as farmers, with the belief that the best quality produce begins at the farm. Since then, the business has grown to include four Feast! Fine Foods butcher shops around South Australia offering exceptional branded meat products from dedicated producers.

We also supply around 300 restaurants around Australia, from bakeries and pubs to some of the country's best known fine dining establishments.

Our staff are passionate about food, knowledgeable and ready to advise you when you shop at Feast! @ The Parade, Norwood Place.

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